Destination Sri Lanka is held high in the minds of the global traveller community as a ‘hotspot’ teeming with an unbelievable diversity of attractions far beyond its cute proportions. Literally, it’s comparable to an entire huge continent’s worth of resources, all packed into a tiny landmass with the added advantage of incredible history, culture and heritage spanning a good 2500 years.
History tells us that our diminutive island is the planet’s most enchanting wonderland that has incessantly drawn explorers, emperors, conquerors and not even resisting calculating merchants trekking the silk route, who suddenly got high on the spice trail. Since then, Sri Lanka has been inundated with travellers at our gates, who are drawn for more reasons than one.
They come here – one of the world’s top destinations in Asia – to explore vibrant natural and cultural diversity, picturesque locations and exotic wildlife in their natural habitat. Sri Lanka is world-renowned for its sunshine through 365 days, golden beaches, picturesque locations, lush greenery, exotic wildlife and compact with all nature’s gifts.


With the recent sharp decline in tourism arrivals due to the global pandemic and flight restrictions, Sri Lanka Tourism has initiated a novel approach to promote the island through a concept branded as “Go on a Couch Safari” covering wildlife streams from our most popular National Parks.
Every year, hundreds of elephants gather at the man-made reservoirs inside Minneriya and Kawudulla National Parks in the dry season, creating a breathtaking sight. Considered the most beautiful natural phenomenon in the world, the experience will be streamed through SLTPB social media sites and an affiliated website from Minneriya National Park as the first wildlife stream of the series. Minneriya is home to the first recorded twin wild elephants and has become a sensation among wildlife enthusiasts expected to draw the attention of thousands of potential wildlife travellers to the country in the near future.
Yala, popular for its highest density of leopards anywhere in the world, and Udawalawa National Park is best known for terrestrial Big Five Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bears, and Water Buffalos, Mugger and Saltwater crocodiles and other species such as sambars, jackals, spotted dear, peacocks that roam free in their natural habitats in the stunning backdrops of the sunset. Sunrise Drive will not only capture the top five wildlife popular among wildlife enthusiasts, there will be sightings of a number of migrant and water birds and several other rare and endemic flora and fauna.
Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau requests the assistance of all stakeholders and citizens to join hands with them to promote this event. ‘’Tourism is an industry that plays a critical role in the economy of Sri Lanka. We need to be ready to bounce back quickly once the time is right. We will be introducing several crowdsourcing initiatives to amplify the message. There are three ways in which anyone can get involved in this national promotional project. We will also be giving away holiday offers to win for overseas viewers’’ Said Ms Kimarli Fernando Chairperson Sri Lanka Tourism. This is an opportunity to showcase the amazing biodiversity of the island while maintaining the interest within the groups for Sri Lanka’s Tourism.